What to Look For

What to Look For

Know Your Rental Property

Pick the right one for your wants and needs

Along with buying a house, choosing a rental property is a significant milestone in life. As such, the ultimate choice results from hard work and plenty of research.
When researching and attending inspections for rental properties, it’s important to consider key questions. Encompassing practical and lifestyle concerns, as well as wants and needs, these questions will help you make a sound decision.

So before choosing a rental property you
need to ask yourself these questions.

Does it fit your space needs?

All renters want a property that suits their space needs, whether these needs be a separate study or large kitchen and dining area. When walking through a rental, objectively assess each space in the property and determine if it will comfortably house your needs and wants.

What are the potential neighbours like?

Neighbours can really make or break a rental property. When researching a rental, ask yourself the following questions. Firstly, is there sufficient privacy? Secondly, are there any readily visible noise concerns, such as small children or pets?

Does everything work?

While inspecting a rental, make sure everything is in working order otherwise move-in dates may be pushed back to account for repairs. This includes checking light switches, power points, flushing the toilet and ensuring the shower and washing machine run correctly.

Is there air-con/heating?

Depending on the rental property’s location, access to either an air-con or heating system may be vital. Otherwise, the summer or winter months could prove very uncomfortable. With this in mind, ask to see that the air-con and heating system are in working order.

Is there enough storage?

When it comes to renting, space is an optimum concern. Therefore, when inspecting a rental either online or in person, consider elements of space. Namely, is there enough storage for everyday items? Also, is there somewhere to store seasonal belongings or large equipment?

How is the landlord?

When inspecting a property, ask questions about the landlord. By working out where the landlord is located and the number of investment properties they have, you will be able to determine if the landlord can be trusted to meet repair and maintenance requirements.

What you need to look for in any rental

Determining if a rental meets your lifestyle wants and space needs can often overshadow key elements that potential renters should be on the lookout for. To avoid surprises, keep a checklist on hand.


Everybody wants a safe and secure home to reside in. When it comes to a rental’s security, look for things like secure parking garages, lighting and alarm systems as well as electronic or gated entry. By looking for these elements early, you can determine how safe the rental is.


If the rental has stained walls and carpets as well as dirty amenities and markers of a pest infestation, this could be a bad sign. In the short term, a dirty and infested rental is not nice to live in. In the long term, the landlord may blame you for any damage or pest problems.

Adequate parking

There is nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work and having to circle the street looking for parking. With this in mind, determine parking options during the inspection. This way, you will know if you have an allotted or shared space before signing a contract.


When inspecting a rental, it’s essential to look out for signs of the property’s era. While kitchens and bathrooms may have been renovated, a home may have old bones. Before committing to a rental, it’s always important to have all the information on hand.

What to avoid

When choosing a rental property, it’s also important to be aware of things that you should avoid altogether. This list includes:

• Properties with visible damage. Mould and water damage are often the sign of improper ventilation. It’s very hard and costly to fix these issues and as such, properties with this damage should be avoided.
• Rentals requiring big repairs. If a rental requires major repairs such as new hot water systems or floor works, the property should be avoided as these works are costly and time consuming.
• Questionable neighbourhoods. If there are signs that the surrounding neighbourhood is questionable, it’s best to avoid the property. Otherwise, you may end up choosing a rental that you don’t feel safe and secure in.

Finding a rental property

Making the decision to utilise a rental property is exciting, but it shouldn’t be too stressful! To ensure that you make a sound property decision, check the property thoroughly, all while assessing if the rental can meet your lifestyle demands.

Our expert team at Square Real Estate can guide you on your property journey. Offering excellent market knowledge and experience, we can help make the process as smooth as possible. We will make sure that when you sign the rental contract, you’re comfortable and confident in your choice.

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