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Business & Commercial

360-Degree Services

Smart solutions through proven methods and techniques

‘Fair and Square’ is our Motto

The whole real estate industry is transforming when all new technologies are permeating; nevertheless, we believe that the high standard work ethic, the fundamental principles will never change. Human nature never changes.

The sector of Commercial and Business is a fun game* in life. (*the reason we use “game” is that we enjoy it very much).
In the business sector, we provide 360-degree help and the boost you need when our clients are into businesses.

We Offer a Range of Unique Services in Commercial and Business Services

The services include helping set up a new business from small to medium sized; purchasing and selling businesses/commercial properties; managing existing businesses, consulting on strategies, offering the whole packages from the beginning to the end, and more.

Our business consultants have exceptional experiences in business for more than twenty years internationally. We ensure every single case is looked after seamlessly and we are 100% result driven.

We are committed to the high standards of corporate governance and transparency and hold ourselves accountable for our performance.

Selling Commercial
Property / Business

When selling, three matters are important to all parties: The price; the time; the people that you are dealing with. To deliver a seamless experience and achieve a premium price is a must-be in selling.

The advantage of selling commercial property and / or business with us is that we have a buyer’s pool which was accumulated during the past 20 years.

Some of our clients are small business owners who want to grow their businesses; Some of our clients are medium-sized commercial and business owners who have plans to multiply their turnovers by purchasing more.

Our aim is to build up a long-term relationship with our clients, therefore, the updated information is always presented to our past and current clients in a good time manner.

Most of our commercial and business clients are constantly seeking the insights of the market and something new available on the market. Most of our clients are quick decision makers. Selling business with us will be a fast process.

Setting up New Business and/or Managing

In the past 20 years, we have provided services for a broad range of clients to set up/manage businesses in a variety of industries, including restaurant; Butcher; Pharmacy; Jewellery shop; Supermarket; Newsagency & lotto shop; Post office; Wine tasting bar; Café; Dessert Bar; Milk tea shop; Fishing Charter; Motel, and more.

Setting up and managing brand new businesses in both metropolitan areas and regional areas are our expertise. We offer hands-on management tips for all business owners.

Purchasing Commercial Property and / or Business

We help investors achieve their business ambitions within Queensland. The golden opportunity for most of the purchasers is stepping in before all other investors. We “spy” on the potential opportunities before some commercial properties and businesses are on the market since we have been practicing / managing businesses in different areas in Queensland.

We believe the long-term health and success of the businesses are the mutual goal of our clients and ourselves, the business sustainability; the transparency level of the disclosures is vital to our clients, our dedicated business consultant will oversee the situation closely and offer objective advise with supportive evidence to the purchaser.

Finding Solutions and Having Strategies in Place

Thinking outside of the box is a popular sentence, however, it takes years of experience to put it into daily business practices.

We assist in deciding that what our clients’ real goals are in the short-term and in the long-term, combine the features of the businesses, the background of our clients, therefore, the solutions must be practical and realistic.

Business consulting is not a high-sounding profession but a very much down-to-the earth career.

Contact us for a quick chat before everything, we are here to help.

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