Brisbane Metro

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Brisbane Metro

Brisbane Metro

Key Takeaway:

  • Brisbane Metro will provide turn-up-and-go services with 24-hour operations on weekends, aiming to connect the city to the suburbs and reduce congestion.
  • The project is set to create 2600 jobs and introduce all-electric metros with zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.
  • Brisbane Metro’s extensive infrastructure upgrades and seamless integration with existing busway operations will transform the city’s public transport network and support economic growth.

The Brisbane City Council is introducing the Brisbane Metro, a new all-electric, high-capacity public transport system that will connect the city to the suburbs. This project aims to reduce congestion, provide turn-up-and-go services 24/7, and create 2600 jobs. The Metro will operate along dedicated busways and integrate into the existing bus network. It is expected to commence in late 2024 and will feature zero tailpipe emissions, benefiting the environment. The project will also deliver new and improved infrastructure, including a tunnel, river viewing deck, and upgraded stations. Additionally, the Metro will support job creation and the local economy.

Benefits of Brisbane Metro

Metro future network map (Source: Brisbane City Counci)


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