Breakfast Creek Green Bridge Nears Completion

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Breakfast Creek Green Bridge Nears Completion

Breakfast Creek Green Bridge Nears Completion

Key Takeaway:

  • Brisbane’s newest green bridge at Breakfast Creek is set to open in early 2024, providing a crucial active transport link between the city’s inner and northern suburbs.

  • The construction of the bridge is progressing well, with 90% of the works already completed and remaining on budget, unlike other proposed green bridges in the area.

  • The Breakfast Creek Green Bridge will offer pedestrians and cyclists dedicated paths, scenic views, and amenities, enhancing the connectivity and experience for those crossing the Brisbane River.
Bridge approach from Lores Bonney Riverwalk (Source: Brisbane City Counci)
Seating at Newstead Park (Source: Brisbane City Council)

Brisbane’s new Breakfast Creek Green Bridge, a pedestrian and cyclist bridge, is set to open in early 2024. 

The $67 million project is 90% complete, with significant progress made on the bridge infrastructure and surrounding facilities. The bridge will provide a vital link between Brisbane’s inner city and northern suburbs, crossing the Brisbane River. 

Unlike other proposed green bridges, this project remains on budget and is ready for public use. 


Location (Source: Brisbane City Council)

The bridge features dedicated paths for walking and biking, offering scenic views of Newstead House and the river. It will seamlessly connect to the existing Lores Bonney Riverwalk and include green spaces and amenities. The bridge’s Newstead Park landing will connect to the Olympic Athletes Village for the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane.


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