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About Us

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Square Real Estate

The Business

One team – one goal – to be your go-to provider for all your real estate needs and empower you to reach your goals with a minimum of stress during your entire journey – thus building your life, dreams and legacy.

Forget ‘guesswork’ because Square Real Estate fast tracks your real estate using a ‘proven’ approach – that along with our skills, experience and expertise executes your process seamlessly and builds momentum.

Because what sets us apart from our competition is our ability to put your needs first so that you achieve more in real estate, whatever it is.

Linking every person with their dream home is our passion and we do this with:

We are Brisbane based but no matter where you are in Queensland, if you are the right fit for our services – we will make it work guaranteed.

Square Real Estate

Customer Service

Square Real Estate get real estate.

We understand the main real estate problems you face – having worked with QLD real estate clients for over a decade, in all circumstances.

Therefore, our golden rule ‘’Is to treat you the way you would want to be treated if we were you the client and you were us Square Real Estate.”

Square Real Estate do this by ensuring you have the best experience as a client throughout your journey with us – that is from your first contact and after doing business with us.

Let us exceed your expectations with better real estate outcomes achieved through access to the best decision makers in the industry.

Because when you choose to do business with Square Real Estate, get ready to experience superior customer service through a proactive approach that will leave you recommending us to all those in your circles.

Square Real Estate

‘The Experts’ in Real Estate

Our large team are real estate industry experts that ‘actively listen’ to you to ensure they understand your real estate needs/requirements before giving you the solution, tailored to your unique circumstance.

Each of our team has undertaken vigorous training to ensure they meet our 4 pillars of real estate success:

1. Knowledge (because the right knowledge is power to achieve)
2. Understanding (not only the local housing market but you too)
3. Integrity (keeping our word is engrained in our work culture)
4. Passion (to achieve the best results and work towards mastery).

We combine these 4 pillars of success with our exceptional communication skills to deliver the best real estate results in the industry – just check out our glowing reviews as proof.

Because again Square Real Estate is one team – with one goal – and that is to empower you to make smarter real estate decisions that see possibility instead of limitation – that’s our commitment to you.

Better Real Estate Solutions

Than all other competitors in the market.

Start building your life, dreams and legacy today

“Square Real Estate has a team of experts with the right knowledge and understanding to ensure your best real estate results with a seamless process that ensures minimal stress. We are always transparent and personalise the experience to your needs. So whether it is buying, selling, renting or investing…

Let us Help You…

Because at Square Real Estate We Hustle for Your Success.”

Grace Hu
Principal, Square Real Estate

Real Estate Experts

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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